Project ULTRA FIGARO - project and ideas

After 35 years of experience in competitive sailing and 18 years of business experience in Croatian boating, Emil Tomašević, a racing sailor and seaman, decided to start an Offshore Sailing project - Ultra Figaro in order to promote "offshore" sailing in Croatia as a primordial navigation discipline with the best media coverage of all the sports sailing disciplines.
The aim is to specialize and present Croatian sailors, their knowledge and skills as well as   to promote Croatian Adriatic as the finally recognized leading nautical destination.

For the past few years, Croatia has been one of the sports sailing super powers in several Olympics class disciplines.
Therefore, thanks to enormous potential of nautical tourism, there is no reason not to properly promote the media's most attractive double- and single-handed sailing at the world’s largest seas.
As far as the shipping and sailing are concerned, there are few laymen who have never heard of Volvo Ocean Race or Vendée Globe, round-the-world races with or without the crew, with or even without stopping.

These races have become a real draw for sponsors and promoters, such as large corporations from the world of finance, insurance, sporting equipment and automotive industries.
Regattas are being tracked by IT and modern media 24 hours a day, literally hundreds of thousands of people who know very little about sailing, daily check the position of their favorites in the race, their adventures and events, take part in the virtual games which cause real problems at sea and introduce them to tactics and strategies of the race and the participants at sea.
The media is looking for such events „outside the playground“, story in the nature and with the nature, technology, speed and danger.
New true stories about Formula 1 are being created in the Atlantic because the modern IT brings oceans and cold seas to every home, a picture and information in real or almost real time, at this very moment.
The interest of the media and the public moves from same boring circuit racetrack which almost always wins only the fastest and the most expensive car, to sea and nature with all its beautiful and all dangerous elements, to enthusiasts who show their true passion, strength and will on long and extreme sports endeavors of sailing.
Ordinary observer with a little bit of imagination and realistic image of events in his home easily imagines himself on the boat with the sailor and sympathizes with him, follows his opportunities and difficulties, knows the boat and its sponsor label sailing across the stormy sea in astonishing speed, knows the crew or even the single-hander who, risking all, competes in extreme conditions for some prestigious “canister” or fame, sometimes only for a “fistful of dollars”.

Where from?
Mostly from France, the cradle of both the ocean sailing and the majority of extreme sports, a country surrounded by sea, mostly by the Atlantic - the starting and final point to the new world we know today.

Where from France?
Mostly from Brittany and partly from Normandy as the bond with England and later with the new world.

Why from Brittany?
Because in Brittany there are all of those who must sail in France - fishermen, seamen, merchants, shell fishermen and sailors as well, similar to Croatian fishermen in Komiža or to a few regatta lovers sailing around our Sušac or even alone in the middle of winter around distant island of Palagruža, usually in shabby sailing suits and on boats in which the whole fortune is invested and on which a sailor-tourist-poser looks with respect not knowing what planet that “thing” comes from and what it serves for.  
Sailors who invented "offshore sailing”, particularly the extreme one, for one- or two-crew members, are there in Brittany not so far away from us, with the same habits and passion, and very often only for "a fistful of dollars" and with a lot of passion and dedication to the sea.
Which boat?

On a sailboat Beneteau Figaro 2 - the most famous class of identical "one design" boats for longer sailing and racing adjusted to sailing for one- or up to two-crew members.
The sailboat of just 10m in length produced at the Beneteau shipyard, with 120 years of tradition, is a synonym for good and simple boat on sails for rough sea and safe sailing.
Therefore, class Benetau Figaro 2 sails up to 6 races in the French championship in single-handed sailing, a discipline that the French and the whole “sailing world” respect and recognize, aliens and their ships…

What for?
For the most prestigious award among the ones who know what the sailing is, for the French single- or double-handed championship, for adventurous sailing championship that lasts for few days non-stop and several regattas - alone and in the same boats: VIDEO

What next?
The best among them qualifies for Vendée Globe; winner 2012-2013: Figaro champion, young Francois Gabart, Michel Desojeaux triple winner of the same Vendée and, again Figaro champion Franck Cammas and Groupama sailing Team winner of the last Volvo Ocean Race, participating for the first time, again Figaro champion...

Is it possible?
Of course it is. We, Croats, can sail, we have a beautiful sea and tradition of sailing so we have a right to a place in “Offshore sailing”.

We started a long time ago: the regatta for single-handers around Sušac in 1985, double-handed regatta around Sušac, single-handed regatta around Palagruža, Cinque Cento per due, Šime and his Mini Transat, two-crew Middle Sea Race, Miljenko, Goran, Ćićo, Čićin Šain, Sani, Čargo, Šepo, Igor, Prizma, Sandi, Niko, Šime, Emil ... and "Vendée" or "Volvo", we know where we are heading to, and we need your support as well...